Competing in Rescue

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Lets Face It; There is A LOT of Competition in Rescue

When we collaborate, support one another, and share ideas, we are stronger as organizations and as a community.

We have created a Pit Bull Rescue Group on Facebook, aimed for rescue to share ideas and thoughts but is open to anyone. Together, we can encourage one another, share ideas, get help and learn, and come away better than we were before. Started every single day are new organizations, and every single day someone is trying to learn their way through it, let's try to help them.

Competition vs. Collaboration

Condition to be competitive their entire lives; people don't change when they start an organization. Perceiving themselves as better than another Rescue is hardly immune from the desire to compete. From running organizations to fundraising , there is a lot of competition amongst rescue organizations.

Running a Nonprofit

When you run a nonprofit, it's easy to fall victim to the scarcity mentality and start nervously hoarding ideas and initiatives out of concern that there won't be enough donors or funding to go around. It's undeniably a understandable way of thinking.


People are also opinionated, and we all believe that our way is the right way and that anyone else not doing it our way is doing it wrong.  This mindset breeds competition to try and outdo those doing things differently, demonstrating a superiority that our way is the right way. This sometimes leads to inherently negative behavior that blinds us to the fact that we are all ultimately pursuing the same goal. 

Helping New Organization

Existing organizations can help newer organizations with communication, sharing their successes and failures, and being open to new organizations rather than being competitive with them.

Everyone has their niche, and every group has something they excel at where other groups may struggle in that area. Imagine just for a moment

how much more we could accomplish if we sought to raise each other up rather than tearing each other down.  Although we might compete for

certain funds, volunteers, or supporters in some ways, we are still stronger when we work together.

Pit Bull Synergy supports other nonprofit organizations because it is the right thing to do. Other organizations inspire us and help open our

minds to thinking about things in new ways. 

At the end of the day, the bottom line is we all want the same thing, a better world for Pit Bulls.